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“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire.
It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.”


Built On Friendship And Passion For Sport

This unifying power that Mandela speaks of is precisely what brought founders Danny Cavic and Ian Gulbransen together – and ultimately, what brought Restoic to life. A mutual love for the game of basketball led to the formation of a lifelong friendship and eventual business partnership focused on the mental fitness of athletes.

As athletes ourselves, we’ve experienced moments of being in the zone and other moments in which our self-belief wavered. The pressures associated with performing at a high-level even took a mental toll, resulting in a loss of confidence and joy for the sport that we loved. There had to be a more effective way to improve consistency, reach peak performance and reignite the flame that burned inside of us. This humbling realization brought to our attention that while we were focused on improving our game from a physical and technical standpoint, we were neglecting the most powerful tool of all – the mind.

Our Mission

To lead the evolution of mental skills training for athletes. Providing pathways toward optimal athletic performance and to becoming the best version of yourself.


Restoic is led by the company founders and powered by a passionate team of sport psychologists, world-class athletes and a nationwide network of mental performance coaches

The Power of Sports Mental Training

The performance of an athlete is influenced by a wide range of mental attributes, not just self-confidence. For instance, mental toughness, which determines an athlete’s ability to bounce back from mistakes and block out surrounding distractions, largely drives their capacity to focus, even under high pressure situations and inevitable moments of self-doubt and fear. However, the most important lessons are not concerned with just “winning." Resilience is a major component to any mental performance training program as it redefines your relationship with failure. Remember, failing doesn't make you a failure. It is a result, not a way to describe yourself. In fact, failure has been known as the greatest teacher of all - it makes you stronger and brings you one step closer to achieving your dreams. As the saying goes, “A smooth sea never made for a skillful sailor."

Build Your Mental Performance with Restoic

Restoic’s sports psychology methods are scientifically proven and aimed at training your mind like the pros. We also offer customized remote coaching that will help you maximize your potential and aid in achieving your ultimate goals. To that end, our personalized approach to sports mental training involves identifying and assessing an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, and then building out and executing a unique blueprint for greatness. Are you ready to unlock your full potential and attain a performance mindset? Get started today!

Our Methods

Our sports mental training is built on two pillars: our audio program and our one-on-one coaching. Both are grounded in a solid foundation of sports psychology, using the latest research and techniques to train athletes to perform at their peak. We have learned through many years of experience working with athletes, coaches, athletic directors and staff how important it is for our sports mental training to suit the specific needs of the individual. We’re not a one-size-fits-all program, and we pride ourselves on taking a personal approach where needed, and offering an individual learning option for those who need to move at their own pace.

The Restoic Mind is our audio mental performance training guide which helps athletes to learn the five fundamental skills they most need to achieve their peak mental performance, as well as visualizing success, releasing stress and physical tension, striving for and achieving their goals, quieting their mind, and improving their performance under pressure.

The Restoic Mind uses cognitive-behavioral methods to help the athlete quiet their inner critic, stay in the moment, and unleash the champion that lies within them. It is by tapping into this inner voice in an athlete’s mind that they are able to not only silence the doubts that surround them, but build a strong and supportive structure that can only come from trained mental performance. Being able to manage your emotions when it matters most is one of the core principles of sports mental training, and The Restoic Mind was developed with this goal in mind.

One-on-one Coaching

Just as you have a coach on the field, track, or court, you should have a coach guiding you through the mental aspects of your sports performance. Our one-on-one sessions are geared directly to help each individual’s mental performance. Built for mobile, the athlete can get training wherever and whenever they need it, private and secure, with caring and knowledgeable staff that are personally invested in the success of the athlete. Some of the things that a one-on-one sports mental training coach can offer are managing performance-related anxiety, injury recovery, inspiring motivation and confidence, overcoming fears, and learning personalized relaxation techniques. We know that not every athlete is the same, so we have developed a personal program that caters to the needs of the individual.

Danny Cavic (Co-Founder)

As a former professional basketball player who has attained a Master's Degree in Performance Psychology, Danny brings a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge to empower athletes with the tools needed to achieve peak potential. Through his understanding of the champion's mentality, he is dedicated to teaching these mental skills to aspiring athletes everywhere.

Ian Gulbransen (Co-Founder)

For over a decade, Ian has worked in Silicon Valley tech startups helping to establish the permanent trend of wearable technology and health tracking apps. He's mentored sales teams, designed marketing strategy, established relationships with Fortune 500 companies (including Nike, Apple, and, and is committed to his pursuit of improving mental health and happiness around the world.