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Supporting Certified Mental Performance Consultants® from
the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).

Why New Coaches Are
Joining Each Day

Flexible Hours

Provide high quality consulting from anywhere, at anytime. How’s that for work-life balance?

Supportive Team

Join a passionate community of talented Mental Performance Coaches. Together, you’ll be leaders in the field.

Reliable Income

Earn additional income doing what you love and make a difference in the lives of athletes.

Growth Opportunities

Network with fellow Mental Performance Coaches, while sharing knowledge and best practices.

Less Overhead

Reduce marketing costs associated with attaining clients. We handle that!

Expanded Reach

Gain additional access to athletes that you otherwise wouldn't be able to reach.


Interested in joining Restoic’s Coaching team?

Each applicant will be required to posses the following:

  • Documentation that you are a current Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC®), administered by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology
  • Laptop with video camera and reliable internet connection
  • Minimum of 2 years of direct client experience
  • Submission of a fully completed, signed terms of use agreement
  • Professional malpractice liability insurance policy
  • Agreement to undergo an interview to ensure all qualifications are met with a commitment to uphold the Restoic standards

If you’re ready to join Restoic at the edge of innovation or if you have any questions, please complete the contact form and our team will be in touch shortly.