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Athletes work with coaches and trainers to prepare their physical body for
competition, but where do they turn to train their minds?

Audio Program

The Restoic Mind

Discover a powerful secret previously reserved for the world's elite athletes: how to train the mind. Based on the latest principles of sport psychology and designed in the style of an audiobook, The Restoic Mind is an athlete’s guide to mental fitness.

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Customized training

1-to-1 Coaching

Train your mind like the pros. Our nationwide network of Mental Performance Coaches is available for on-demand, customized coaching from any video enabled device. Empowering athletes to push the limits of their personal performance.

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What’s a strong body,
without a strong mind?

Student-athletes report mental health and wellness as their #1 challenge

NCAA research shows that almost 85% of certified athletic trainers believe anxiety disorders are currently an issue with student-athletes on their campus

Driven by Sport Science

Developed in collaboration with leading sport psychologists and world-class athletes, at Restoic, our methodology focuses on the five fundamental psychological skills athletes need most. Applying scientifically proven cognitive-behavioral methods to performance enhancement.


Reduce performance anxiety, stress levels & muscle tension


Improve confidence & resiliency through reframing exercises


Enhance your sport-specific skills & improve self-belief


Increase productivity, motivation & promote self-mastery


Maintain focus & stay in the moment when it matters most

Mental Training for Athletes


Proven and Trusted
by Elite Athletes

George Bovell

George Bovell

5x Olympian, Former World Record Holder, Olympic Bronze Medalist

"Every athlete trains hard, but champions train smart. In my sport, the difference between winning and losing can come down to a tenth of a second. That’s why I love Restoic’s platform to address the mental wellness of athletes. The mind is a muscle and working with a mental performance coach shows you how to flex it."
Sacha Kljestan

Sacha Kljestan

Midfielder for LA Galaxy (MLS), U.S. National Team Member

“The Restoic Mind is where I turn to balance my training because it ensures that I step onto the field with confidence. Athletes forget that there’s more than just the physical side to sports. The mental side is equally important and that’s why I recommend Restoic to my teammates.”
Sam Baker

Sam Baker

Professional Football Player, 3x All-American, NCAA National Champion

"The difference between high school and college athletics is often times based on physicality. I've found that the major difference between college athletes and NFL players comes down to mentality. If you possess the required drive and work ethic, Restoic will show you the way to reaching your goals."
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