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Self-Talk Has The Power To Build You Up Or Break You Down

How do you practice constructive self-talk to reframe your inner-dialogue and perform under pressure more consistently? 

In elite sports, fine margins separate the good from the truly great. Modern training is both advanced and holistic resulting in very little difference between the physical and technical attributes of competitors.

However, one great differentiator remains – the mind. And more specifically to this article, your inner voice.

Will Hart, PhD, renowned professor at the University of Alabama uncovered how, “the language you use to describe your situation in sport or in life determines how you actually see it, experience it, and participate in it.”

In other words, what separates the best from the rest is the elite athlete has the ability to steer their inner monologue in the right direction and wrestle it away from the doubtful subconscious mind. They have learned how to reframe things and as such, are able to overcome setbacks more efficiently.

Sport Psychologists and mental performance coaches aim to provide athletes with these tools to ensure that destructive self-talk doesn’t ultimately impact the outcome of a competition. But until now, their services have been out of reach for the vast majority of athletes.

Simply put, this is due in part to a lack of access and the cost associated as the average session with a Sport Psychologist ranges from $150-$300.

Using positive self-talk for stress and anxiety relief

Like any other skill, improving your self-talk takes time and a commitment to improvement. Oftentimes, knowing how to start is the first step and with this in mind, we encourage you to try Restoic’s free 14-day self-talk challenge for yourself: 


This exercise will effectively shift your mindset towards improving self-belief so that confidence becomes second nature.

Once you’ve seen for yourself the power of the words you choose to speak to yourself, the Restoic App is available to answer the #1 question most individuals and teams have after receiving a presentation regarding this subject matter, “what’s next?”

At $69.99 per year, the Restoic App is available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores at a price point which strives to lower the barriers of entry for most athletes.

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